Saturday, September 6, 2008


Its been centuries since the last time posted. Been busy. Now I got 2 businesses to work on. Loads of work. Plus my social circle seem to have grown exponentially which tames up lots of time. Man I gotta spend more time with my 'La familia Kotian'. And I need some sleep. I guess thats all for now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

look kool

Well there's no significanse or reason for that title besides its almost symetrical. and lool lool are not 2 different words. Anyway busy day, all tired. Came across a very interesting website . One of my friends Tarun has a blog where he puts up podcasts on poems and rants and things laureats (not including me) like to read or atleast pretend to do so. I've been plain lazy to send in my poems, mostly because I gotta read it out myself and I sound like a crow. Well I can't avoid it much though, so gotta collect my poems scatterd on Pluto. Well thats enough non-sense for the day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Dream

It’s dark and damp

My head spins

I feel lonely again

Who turned off the lights?

Where did this darkness come from?

I thought I was happy again

Until now

Who turned off the lights?

I wished for all good

But got things otherwise

I saw that silver lining

But it rained hard instead

Why are the skies crying?

Is it for me?

Or for all other people

Who live together and feel lonely

Its’ dark and damp

I want to run

I’m soaked in tears

Not mine but from the clouds

And then I thought

Its’ just the rains

And wondered how

The winter chills would pain

I wished again

For all the good times

And I slept again

To wake up on time

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its a VAIO.

Ohh I've been itching to write a blog. I think I'm really good at procrastinating things, which apparently is not a very good thing. Well I got a new VAIO. VAIO is a Sony brand of laptop incase your wondering blank. Nice it is. Really kool. I was looking forward for an HP Artist Edition laptop. But I didn't like the keyboard. And anyway Sony had a better laptop than HP specification vise and it looks sexier than HP for just 1k more. So I'm now mobile. Though I don't like using the touchpad. Well this ones got matt back finish and chrome here and there. It give a really nice contrast to the black. The bottoms silver though :( It would have been nice if that would have been black too. It's also got fingerprint sensor which is really handy once you register your fingerprint. No more passwords and shit. My desktop went dead last week. Updated it's BIOS and it won't startup after that. Anyway that's that for now. Hope to blog more. CIAO

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ahh the music shops.

Ran off to Metro today. Not for the movies though. I was looking for a specific plectrum, Dunlop Jazz III. Bhargava's had emptied their stock on it and asked me to come next month :( . Went to Furtado's they didn't have it either. The one I use is very small as compared to the normal stndard one . Also I pick the strings abit differently. I require 3 fingures instead of the usual 2 like most guitarists play and also I hold my pick diagonaly which ruins the pick but I manage to play fast. A friend of mine, Kiron, who tutored me gave it to me the 1st day he started teaching me after he saw my messy playing skills with a 0.9mm standard pick. We tried a couple of other plecs before I settled on Jazz III. Any way whats important is my picks on the strings made sense this time. Kiron says I pick like Yngwie Malmsteen in Ultra slow motion. And I don't deny that. Malmsteen's fingures are not even visible when he plays man, as if hes not picking at all. I'd love to play like him. We all would. Anyway I hope I get my plec next time. I also tried a Hofner's f-cut acoustic at Furtados and it's sexy man. With its black body and slim build and all. 5 grands a pop. Certainly not cheap. I got mine for 2 grands which is probably the cheapest of the lot and certainly not built well. But mine seems to sound louder than the Hofner, or maybe it's because of the crowd at Furtados. I also tried a Greg Bennett Jazz Elec... aahm ahmm, without pluging in ofcourse. All of them felt much sturdier than mine. Maybe thats why they cost a liver and a kidney.
I also bought new football studs n shin guards. Played bare foot yesterday which wasn't smart. Now I got a bad cramp :( .
Well thats latest update. Ciao

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm pissed cause I don't know what I'm pissed on.

Well it's been a while since my last post. And every time I thought of posting some non sense that no ones ever gonna read, I forget to post. So here it is. Maybe I'm posting at last because I'm just feeling frustrated about something. Aargggghhh... I want to hit someone in the face and punch em in the nose. And why do some people act so stupid? and why some act all great in front and then do something or rather don't do something they had promised. And why the f**k am I pissed?
Ohh well. I want 3 things ASAP. 1> A good comfortable chair cause the one I have just numbs my bottoms every time I sit on it for more than 20 mins. 2> A HP or a Sony laptop and 3> A Stratocaster and the whole set.
I think I should get a nice shower now. And just calm my ruddy head down.
FCUK !!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A job I'd love to have.

Now considering my inclination towards traditional working environment at work or at school I simply won't be getting a job which would be productive in any manner. So there are very few jobs left for me as such. Lets have a list of what they might be and discuss why they are in the list at all.
The list:
1. C.E.O. :- Yes I can be a traditional CEO because essentially he doesn't do anything besides barking into his subordinates things he need not bark into their ears because most of them already know their job well unless of course that person was hired by the CEO himself. And you can wear whatever you want to wear to work when your a CEO because you are a CEO and if you decide to wear anything but a boring pinstriped suit to work as a CEO you will be seen as a modern and fun CEO even if you continue to bark into people's ears.
2. Humor Columnist :- Now I choose this not because I'm good with English or any particular language for that matter. I'm quite sure there are better people out there than me at language simply because I'm a dyslexic and I'm not making that up to hide my lethargy. The real reason why I want to be a humor columnist is because I can behave as cracked as I want to and still not lose my job and second most importantly I can't spell columnist properly unless assisted by a computer.
3. Major share holder in a private M.N.C. :- Yeah now this is the best job probably cause 1st of all you can hire a CEO to bark into your employee's ears. Make a lot of profit. Spend that money on charity in front of the media, spend the rest of your money on a yacht in French Riviera. And be photographed on the front page of Business Today. Now even this could be my calling so I'm off for a good life.
4. Well I forgot what the 4th job I had thought off.
5. And never mind the 5th one either.

Yup. So that's the type of jobs I'd like to have. Specially the third one. Because that way I can also be the rest of the 1st two and not be told off for doing a bad job. If anyones reading this who can get me any of these jobs I'd really appreciate their ability to take risks and hire me. Thank You.